Committee Chairs

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2013 Yearbook Jane Lee (619)435-1848 As Needed 
4th of July Keith James (619) 322-7180 As Needed 
Art S/C John Witherspoon (619) 437-1976 As Needed 
Boat Survey Toni Dean  As Needed 
Building Bill Alfredo (563) 583-5844 As Needed 
Chaplain Gary Boggs (619) 261-5476 As Needed 
Constitution and Bylaws Sheryl Rosander, Bill Marty  (619) 522-9938 / Bill (619) 435-3311 As Needed 
Cruise Fleet Tom Dean (760) 726-2340 As Needed 
Cruiser Navigation David Weimer (858) 485-7545 As Needed 
EMail/Website Mike Whittemore, Jr. (619) 215-9593 As Needed 
Entertainment "Crowning Arounder's"  As Needed 
Finance V/C Mike Yeakle  Monday Before Board Mtg 
Fleet Captain Jeff Jakus (619) 972-0677 As Needed 
Food Service / Galley Rob Gilliland  As Needed 
Gift and Endowment     
Graphics / Flyers Phyllis Walker  As Needed 
Grounds Marylee Goyan (619) 435-2828 As Needed 
Historian Stephenie Garett (619) 482-5643 As Needed 
House / Bar Melody and Erin Miller (619) 435-2876 /  As Needed 
Information Technology Jeff Jakus (619) 972-0677 As Needed 
Insurance Advisor Jay Mills (619) 593-0268 As Needed 
Junior Advisory Bill Sandke, Treasurer  Monthly 
Librarian TBD  As Needed  
Lipton Cup Challenge Geoff Davis  As Needed  
Membership R/C Penny Boggs  As Needed 
Monday Night Football Cheri Aegerter/Cathy Brown  As Needed 
Nominating Jr S/C Rick Odiorne  4th quarter 
Photographers Stephenie Garrett (619)482-5643 home or (619)994-5643 As Needed 
Planning Commodore Greg Walker 619-435-1848 As Needed 
Port Captain Dave Flint (619)435-8310 home or 885-8310 cell As Needed 
Port Tenants Association Representative S/C Ralph Longfellow 619-424-9869 As Needed 
Publicity Nancy Eckenroth  As Needed 
Reciprocity R/C Penny Boggs  As Needed 
Rod and Reel S/C Paul Dodson 619-435-3943 1st Tuesday None 
Sail Fleet Captain Sue Welch 619-233-4941 2nd Tuesday 
Sail Fleet - Handicap Chair / PHRF Steve Streifer  2nd Tuesday 
Sail Fleet - Race Committee Glenn Welch  2nd Tuesday 
Sail Fleet - Sailing (Adult) Tim Coon 619-917-9991 2nd Tuesday 
Sail Fleet - SBC Fleet Rep Neil McGuinness 619-470-8080 2nd Tuesday 
Sail Fleet - Trophy Chair Bev Burroughs Jakus/ Stephanie Garrett  As Needed 
Ship's Store Allie Collier  As Needed 
Slip Maintenance Dave Krock 619-437-0228 As Needed None 
Whisker Pole Editor Judy Longfellow / Rennie Darnell 619-424-9569/619-435-8098 As Needed 
Showing 44 items