Board Members and Committees

These are your elected and appointees for the current CYC Fiscal Year. Please feel free to contact them with your opinions and interest in helping out.

CYC Board Members

NamePositioneMail (Click Below)
Mike Yeakle Commodore Commodore Yeakle 
Penny Boggs Vice Commodore Vice Commodore Boggs 
Bill Sandke Rear Commodore Rear Commodore Sandke 
Dean Eckenroth Treasurer Treasurer Eckenroth 
Tom Lyons Secretary Secretary Lyons 
Bill Gise Director Director Gise 
Jon Ryan Director Director Ryan 
Geoffrey Calabrese Director Director Calabrese 
Lauren Bernsen Director Director Bernsen 
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Committee Chairs

2015 Yearbook Jane Lee 
Beer Can Races Vince & Jane Marshall 
Boat Survey S/C Kathleen Baldwin 
Building Bill Alfredo 
Chaplain Gary Boggs 
Constitution and Bylaws Sheryl Rosander, Bill Marty  
Cruise Fleet Bev & Jeff Jakus 
Cruiser Navigation David Weimer 
Entertainment Erin Yeakle 
Facilities Dave Krock 
Finance V/C Penny Boggs 
Fleet Captain Fred Hawes 
Food Service Secretary Tom Lyons 
Gift and Endowment Gerral David 
House & Grounds Mel Whittemore 
Information Technology Curtis Milioti 
Insurance Advisor Jay Mills 
Judge Advocate Don Panek 
Junior Advisory Treasurer Dean Eckenroth 
Lipton Cup Challenge Geoff Davis 
Maintenance Director Bill Gise 
Membership R/C Bill Sandke 
Monday Night Football Cheri Aegerter/Cathy Brown 
Nominating Staff Commodore 
Opening Day Commodore Mike Yeakle 
Parliamentarian S/C John Scott 
Photographer Stacy Childers 
Planning Scott Grimes 
Port Captain Dave Flint 
Port Tenants Association Representative Commodore Mike Yeakle 
Publicity Director Lauren Bernsen 
Reciprocity R/C Bill Sandke 
Rod and Reel S/C Paul Dodson 
Sail Fleet - Adult Sailing Tim Coon 
Sail Fleet Captain Sue Welch 
Sail Fleet - Handicap Chair/PHRF Fleet Captain Fred Hawes/Race Committee Chair Glenn Welch 
Sail Fleet - Protest Fleet Captain Fred Hawes 
Sail Fleet - Race Committee Glenn Welch 
Sail Fleet - SBC Fleet Rep Fleet Captain Fred Hawes 
Security Keith James 
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