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Coronado Yacht Club was founded initially in 1913, but was short lived due to World War I.  The second beginning took place April 23, 1932, when six Coronado yachtsmen leased a wing of the Hotel del Coronado Boat House and invited new members to join (dues were $10.00 a year.)  Material for building slips was obtained on credit, and soon many of the 200 new members were working side by side on docks and slips for the Club. 

The first few years were under the able direction of Commodore Major Ivan B. Snell.  He directed the slip construction and then concentrated his efforts on the dredging of Glorietta Bay.  Completion of the dredging allowed much wider use of the bay and permitted invitational events and predicted log races. 

The Club secured a lease on its present property in 1946, and started to develop the area. The location is both an asset and a liability.  Situated in the southwest arm of San Diego Harbor, it is an eight-mile cruise to the open sea despite the fact that ocean breakers pound on the beach a few hundred yards to the southwest.  In 1947, a government surplus building was moved onto the lease property at the head of Glorietta Bay to provide larger quarters for the expanding membership. 

Berthing facilities have been expanded over the years.  Presently there are slips for more than 270 yachts and accommodations for 81 in dry storage.  Two small boat hoists are available to serve dry storage boats.  In addition, there are floating dry storage docks for the active Sabot and Laser fleets. 

Coronado Yacht Club has approximately 899 members including the Junior Division.  The Juniors acquired an annex of the main clubhouse building for their own clubhouse in 1969.  The Junior Division has its own officers, sailing calendar, and social program. 

Believing that the sports of yachting and fishing are very closely allied, the Coronado Rod and Reel Club, a subsidiary to the yacht club, was organized in 1935.  The aims of the club are to encourage, develop, and protect sport fishing, and to furnish facilities where members can weigh and record their catches. 

Coronado Yacht Club has a year round yachting calendar that includes large regattas, Class and Handicap racing, Predicted Log Races, as well as organized cruising. 

The fine spirit of cooperation by our city government and the loyalty of the members have been directly responsible for the success of the Club.  Hospitality and friendliness and the delightful surroundings of Glorietta Bay have established Coronado Yacht Club's reputation in the minds of yachtsmen from near and far.

Coronado Yacht Club is a non-profit 501 (c)(7) membership organization that was established in 1932.

Our Mission:

To create and maintain the total yachting and boating experience for our members and the surrounding community and to promote a fraternal spirit among members, yachtsmen and other yacht clubs.


1.   Promote all levels of recreational and competitive boating, yachting and to uphold the Corinthian spirit;

2.      Promote boating, social, and educational programs to reflect the diverse needs and values of the CYC membership;

3.      Provide sound management and administration of the Club’s natural, physical, financial and human resources in order to provide a lasting legacy for the future of the Coronado Yacht Club;

4.      To enhance our leasehold and to improve the quality of Glorietta Bay through the maintenance and improvement of our facilities and by implementation of environmental awareness programs;

5.      Promote and participate in local charitable events in order to introduce community members to boating and yachting;

6.      Enhance the stature of the Coronado Yacht Club within our community and the yachting community at large;

7.      Promote junior and adult sailing and boating education programs for members and the community alike;

            8.    Encourage sport fishing among Coronado Yacht Club members and to emphasize “Catch and Release" fishing.                                                           
Please see map below for our address and directions to the club.

Our phone number is: (619) 435-1848 - you can also go to Contacts for additional information.

Coronado Yacht Club