CYC Donation Information & How To Contribute

Coronado Yacht Club Jr. Sailing Program Extends A Special Thanks to These Recent Donors
  • Kearns-Price Family
  • David & Jennifer Spatafore
  • Kory Kavanewsky
  • Kathleen Hanlon
  • JF & Catherine Poupeau
  • Paula Bingham-Couture & Jack Couture
  • Stephenie Garrett
  • Terry & Paige Chapko
  • Erin Miller
  • David & Marita Bodkin
  • Erik Jensen
  • The Hart Family
  • Christina Youngberg
  • Geoff Davis & Juan Meza
  • Bill & Lois Maxam
  • Kari & Bill Lyons
  • Brenda & Thomas Arnold
  • Majernik Family (SDYC)
  • Wayne & Janet Waters
  • Kathy & Ted Schafer
  • Steve Berman & Jill Gunn
  • Greg & Angela Eggstaff
  • Tom & Dianne Lookabaugh
  • Roy & Deborah Kaller
  • Roger & Patti Witalis
  • Tom & Peggy Moore
  • Jason Anderson
  • Philip Youngberg
Thank You for your generous support!

How to Contribute to the CYC Jr. Sailing Program

The following is an outline of how individuals and/or businesses can support the CYC Jr. Sailing Program, receive recognition for their contribution, and the satisfaction of knowing that hundreds of youth are learning “life-skills” through the sport of sailing.


All proceeds from the CYC Casino Night event go directly into the Jr. Program Capital Improvement Fund. This is for replacing boats or equipment. Our upcoming Casino Night will be held on March 2019.


All contributions are recognized by:

  • Thank You Letter or Card
  • Recognition on CYC Jr. Sailing Website (Donation Page)
  • CYC Jr. Notice Board in Club and Jr. Club House

Donations from individuals may be made:

  1. Directly to the Coronado Yacht Club Jr. Program
  2. Coronado Maritime Foundation 501 c(3)


The Coronado Maritime Foundation (CMF) is a non-profit, charitable, and educational foundation; recognized in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your contributions to CMF are tax deductible within the limits of the law. The Foundation provides grants to individuals enrolled in recognized programs of instruction in sailing and related maritime activities, and to organizations conducting these programs. “Automatic Donations” through the CYC Member Bill can be arranged and is a great way to continually support the Jr. Program.

Automatic Donations Via CYC Membership Bill

Any amount donated can be automatically added to CYC Monthly Bill. Donation is tax-deductible – as it is deposited in the Coronado Maritime Foundation CYC Jr. Fund. Proceeds go to Jr. Capital Improvement Fund, Jr. Scholarship Fund, or Jr. Competition Fund.


  • $500 for Safety Power Boat
  • $500 for 420 or FJ Sailboat
  • $300 for Laser Sailboat
  • $250 for Sabot
Proceeds provide for equipment for the vessel/s that the customer “adopts”. 


  • $3,500 – $7,500 for a NEW Sabot, Laser, 420, 29er or Safety Boat for the CYC Junior Program!
The customer gets to name the boat for entire life of the boat, which is approximately ten (10) years.


For those who are unable to support the CYC Jr. Program financially, there are an average of two (2) major Jr. events or regattas each month at the Coronado Yacht Club. There are also miscellaneous office and maintenance tasks. Please contact Jr. Office to offer volunteer services.


Please consider asking your tax advisor on how to include the CYC Jr. Program in your Estate planning.